Our claims management and billing software begin with the office schedule and ends with money in your bank account in a HIPAA compliant manner.

The key to any claims/billing operation is the experience of the personnel. Without that experience any computer system is helpful but not game changing.

Bosma Technology Resources, Inc. has both!

Features inside the Claims and Billing module include:

  • Schedule information
  • Patient demographics
  • Insurance information
  • Physician or surgeon credentials
  • Patient encounter diagnosis codes
  • Patient encounter CPT codes
  • Dictation Information
  • Surgery event timelines
  • Super bills
  • Claims EDI
  • Claims tracking
  • Claims resolution
  • LOPs
  • A/R
  • Patient billing statements
  • Payment receipts
  • EOB handling
  • Account aging
  • Patient Billing inquiries
  • Patient billing follow-ups
  • Governmental reporting
  • Workman’s comp
  • Medicare
  • Physician, Surgeon, ASC, and multiple facility revenue reporting
  • Banking

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